Research Confirms: This is how healthy you sit on the CoreChair

With the CoreChair we have developed a scientifically based seating solution to prevent back pain and the so-called "sitting disease". 

International research institutes confirm again and again:
The CoreChair has a positive effect on health, is safe to use and indestructible.


“CoreChair puts you in motion which causes you to burn more calories”

In cooperation with the Arizona State University, the Mayo Clinic attempted to find practical solutions for preventing obesity. Dr. James Levine and his team studied the calories burned by comparing the effectiveness of CoreChair with that of a conventional ergonomic office chair.

The results showed that CoreChair will put a person in motion in a way that increases the calories burned by 20%.

“CoreChair exhibits fewer pressure points than a conventional ergonomic office chair”

Under the supervision of Prof. Alan Hedge, Masters/PhD, students compared the seated pressure of CoreChair with that of a high-quality ergonomic office chair and established that CoreChair distributes the weight that it holds better, thus reducing pressure points.

For you this means that you will be sitting considerably more comfortably.

“Better blood circulation in the lower extremities and increased cognitive functions from improved blood circulation”

Dr. Leah Bent and her team established that CoreChair reduced some of the physiological and cognitive consequences which arise from being immobile while sitting on a conventional office chair.

The study, which lasted for four hours, resulted in the calf circumference becoming significantly reduced because the blood circulated better into the lower extremities and the participants made significantly fewer mistakes while taking the SART test (sustained attention to response task). The conclusions suggest that the cognitive performance was improved by increased blood circulation.

Less back pain, a better sitting posture and increased blood circulation!


“In summary, the study identified a number of things: Participants sitting on CoreChair took on a straighter posture (less bending of the spine because the seat of the chair can be tilted forwards by 8°) and more often moved the seat forwards and to the side. The users detected less pressure from the seat and there was a reduced difference in calf circumference which points towards increased circulation. CoreChair users were less prone to lumbago, stiffness in the back and physical fatigue. They were also satisfied with the level of support and movement that the design of the chair offered. In short, results prove that the design of CoreChair effectively helps to introduce standards to improve the health of sedentary people.”

The CoreChair is NEAT certified


The NEAT certification programme (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) at the Mayo Clinic certifies products that increase energy consumption and thus, with minimal effort and over a longer period of time, fight obesity and the physiological consequences of prolonged sitting.

“CoreChair helps the user move more effectively while at the same time providing them with perfect support.‏‏”


In his study, Dr. Callaghan compared the sitting posture of CoreChair users with the sitting posture of those on a high-quality ergonomic office chair. He also compared the support that CoreChair gives to the pelvis compared to an optimally adjusted exercise ball.

The study showed that the CoreChair was as equally beneficial to sitting posture as an exercise ball. However, better than that, CoreChair supported the pelvis and the spine. The study also established that CoreChair was on a par with the exercise ball in terms of activating the pelvic floor muscles. The study therefore showed that CoreChair stimulates more effective movement while at the same time providing perfect support.