Innovative Office Chair for Healthy Sitting in the Office and Home Office

Movement makes a difference!

Sitting still, sometimes up to eight hours a day! That's bad for your health. How would it be if your chair could gently move your torso muscles when you sit? You experience active sitting on the CoreChair. That's healthy for your muscles, metabolism and brain. Its also very pleasant for the soul!


Protect yourself from the negative consequences of static sitting. The active sitting experience on CoreChair stimulates blood circulation, and activates and strengthens the stabilising core muscles.

The CoreChair concept:

It's good to move when we sit, it prevents health problems. CoreChair was created precisely for this purpose. The exact idea behind CoreChair is explained by CEO Patrick Harrison in this video.


The CoreChair and its scientifically based design prevent back pain and the so-called "sitting disease".

International research institutes confirm this statement time and again: The CoreChair has a positive effect on health, is safe to use and indestructible.