The CoreChair: Sitting has never been so active

Sits perfectly:

The CoreChair seat cushion looks unusual - for a good reason! Its perfect anatomical shape prevents any pressure points on your body. This is how CoreChair combines solid support with fabulous comfort.

All around movement:

Thanks to the patented mechanism, the CoreChair can be moved in 360 degrees and tilted by 14 degrees. This stimulates constant micro-movements, which lead to an optimal sitting position. It also stimulates the muscles and blood circulation. Bad posture and back problems are prevented and cognitive performance is improved.

Classic or light?

The CoreChair delivers the best ergonomics and fabulous sitting comfort. It is available in two versions, "Classic" and "Light". In this video, CoreChair CEO Patrick Harrison explains how to adjust CoreChair to your requirements.

N.B: With CoreChair "classic", the resistance of the mechanism has three settings and can be adjusted in use. CoreChair "light" has a single "medium" setting and is less expensive.

Always at the right height:

When configuring your CoreChair, you can choose between two different gas spring heights to suit your body size.

Form-fit knit

The latest knitting technology and innovative polyester yarn are combined to create "form-fit". Form-fit is manufactured in Austria by a specialist Company with a long tradition of creativity.

Form-fit knit fits seamlessly and perfectly to the anatomically shaped seat of CoreChair, is light, hard-wearing, anti-slip and available in five colours.

Stamskin vinyl:

Stamskin is an innovative, easy-care premium vinyl material with a natural-looking grain that meets the highest standards of hygiene and sustainability.

Stamskin is robust and very easy to clean. The material is ideally suited for use in the medical sector, in cosmetics or in the hotel industry. Stamskin is 100% recyclable and available in five colours.