Handles for adjusting the height of the seat allow for an open hip angle.

The core mechanism enables movement in all directions up to 14 degrees. This gets you moving and stabilises your core muscles.

The formed seat harmonises with the pelvic stabiliser to relieve pressure points, prevent slipping and provide additional comfort.

Active sitting

on the CoreChair stimulates circulation and activates and strengthens the stabilising core muscles. In turn, this prevents the negative consequences that come with inactivity and a sedentary state. By working the muscles, the CoreChair also has a training effect that reduces the risk of back and neck pain.

CoreChair by Viasit


"The CoreChair Vision ® is to offer the healthiest, most ergonomic and most therapeutic office chair in the world." Patrick Harrison, CEO of CoreChair


> Movement scientist, University of Waterloo <
> 2013: Alumni Achievement Award <
> Founder of Special Health Systems <
> 1982-1995: Development of seating solutions for wheelchairs <
> CoreChair was founded in 2007 <
> Inspired by exercise ball chairs <
> Endorsed through necessity and research <
> 2007-2017: Development of the product <
> 2015: CoreChair is launched on the market <

"Die Vision von CoreChair ® ist, den gesündesten, ergonomischsten und therapeutischsten Bürostuhl der Welt anzubieten." Patrick Harrison, CEO von CoreChair


> Bewegungswissenschaftler, University of Waterloo <
> 2013: Alumni Achievement Award <
> Gründer von Special Health Systems <
> 1982-1995: Entwicklung von Sitzlösungen für Rollstühle <
> CoreChair wurde 2007 gegründet <
> Inspiriert durch Gymnastikball-Stühle <
> Bestätigt durch Notwendigkeit und Nachforschung <
> 2007-2017: Entwicklung des Produkts <
> 2015: Der CoreChair kommt auf den Markt <

The result is a high-quality sitting solution which supports the aim of creating a healthy workplace. We hope tha CoreChair will make you move more often and sit actively!